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Riging atvs in the winter? Be prepared

November 28, 2009

Snow is in the mountains. It is time to make sure when you are out in the back country to take a few precautions.

Remember the rule of 3s. Then plan accordingly.

For exposure, make sure you are in the correct clothing. Do not use cotton. Cotton wicks water away but it will not dry fast. This will draw heat from your body in a more rapid fashion and cause you to chill faster. Do not use cotton.

Dress in layers and make sure your cloths are clean. Dirty clothes reduce the heat retention in your clothes.

Carry some type of fire starting device. Two is better. Remember a a backup.

Wear a hat. Most heat is lost through the head.

Carry a small space blanket in your pocket for warmth and I also include a big garbage bag or two for a poncho or an emergency shelter. They really work.

Look for more seasonal tips in the future.

CHeck out or They are both the same site. One is shorter to type.

Be safe and prepared.


Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Nevada recreation, Lake Tahoe Recreation, Mountain Survival and survival inc.

ATV Camping Northern Nevada/ Reno Tahoe

September 23, 2009

The fall has arrived and now is a great time to get out in the mountains. We have a special going on that includeds 2 atv’s and an atv trailer that you can pull behind your atv’s that enclose a tent, sleeping bags, survival items and anyother items you need to enjoy the out doors.

Nevada Recreation has a lot of experience it making it easy for your to enjoy the outdoors. We will provide maps, gps, compass and a tracking device so that if you get in trouble, help will be on the way.

You can explore areas like Crystal Peak, lakes around Truckee, Black Rock desert and more. If you want a guide or just someone to go with you, we can do that too at no extra cost to you.

Check out our site athttp:// or call me, Josh, at 775 741 0735 any time. Really anytime. I do search and rescue and around the cell all hour of the day or night.

We look forward to helping you explore the great outdoors in the Reno, Tahoe, Northern Nevada areas. We have trips available for you.

Give us a call. 775 741 0735.

ATV rentals in Reno and Lake Tahoe

July 20, 2009

With the weather soaring, how about a nice atv ride in the Sierras. Nevada Recreation ( is here to answer your call. We have ATV’s for every one.

Parents have been renting our ATVs for years to take their children into the mountains to show them the wonders of nature.

Hiking is great but you can only go so far until the little ones have to be carried or are no longer interested.

We have two person ATVs for those riders who do not what to drive or who have not ridden.

CHeck us out and rent an ATV in the Reno and Tahoe area today. We have specials all the time.

Most of our clients comeback year after year and ride in different places. Come join us. You will be glad you did.

ATV rental and Camping. Wow No Hassle!

June 14, 2009

IMGP2248Last week we set up a camp site and provided two ATV for three Students traveling from the east coast to the west cost visiting national parks.

We set up camp for them, provides ATVs, maps, helmets and GPS tracking (so we can find them if they needed assistance.)

They told me it was the highlight of their trip. They put on over 80 miles on the ATV with out any incident.

What about you? We can do the same for you. No hassle camping and exploring. Give us a call at 775 741 07345 or check us out at

You will happy you did!