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Happy New Year

December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to all our viewers and followers. Expect to hear more from us this year. Love and best wishes to you and yours.

Josh Ketcham
Sheepdog 78


First Snow at Tahoe

November 20, 2010

The snow has started to fly. The atv trails are now for snowmobiles. Let the winter games begin.

We still have atv rentals. We have moved from the Lake Tahoe to the areas around Reno. The ridding is still fun.

We have riding from the valley floor up to 7200 feet. You will see views of both Washoe Valley, Spanish Springs and Pyramid Lake

Take a ride to the ridge top. Enjoy miles of ridge top ridding and view the wild horses of Nevada. This is something you will not see at Tahoe. Make a day of it.

Give us a call at 775 741 0735 and let us arrange an atv rental for you. If you still want to ride snowmobiles, we can arrange that also. Explore Nevada with us. You will be glad you did.

Still Time to go Riding ATV’s

November 16, 2010

Hey, the weather is great. The atv trails outside Lake Tahoe are still open. Want to take a ride? Give us a call.

We have ATV’s still available for rent in the Reno/ Lake Tahoe Area.

If you are staying in Reno, we can even pick you up, take you out to the trail and let you ride.

We offer self guided tours.

We provide maps, gps, atv tracking devices and even clothing if you forget yours at no extra charge.

Next time you are at the Lake or in Reno and want to spend a couple of hours exploring the mountains on your own in safety, give us a call. 775 741 0735.

Dog Valley Ride

September 15, 2010

Lake Tahoe atv trails are being reduced by civilian pressure. There is still the Rubicon but it is slow go. Then there is Genoa Peak road on the East Shore. The total trail is 14 miles. However we have Dog Valley.

Dog Valley offers mountains, valleys, crystal mines, lakes and a lot of road to ride.

Give is a call and we will provide you with and ATV, GPS, GPS tracking, Maps and compass. You will have a great time and a safe time. You will go by yourself.

What a better way to explore on your own.

Riging atvs in the winter? Be prepared

November 28, 2009

Snow is in the mountains. It is time to make sure when you are out in the back country to take a few precautions.

Remember the rule of 3s. Then plan accordingly.

For exposure, make sure you are in the correct clothing. Do not use cotton. Cotton wicks water away but it will not dry fast. This will draw heat from your body in a more rapid fashion and cause you to chill faster. Do not use cotton.

Dress in layers and make sure your cloths are clean. Dirty clothes reduce the heat retention in your clothes.

Carry some type of fire starting device. Two is better. Remember a a backup.

Wear a hat. Most heat is lost through the head.

Carry a small space blanket in your pocket for warmth and I also include a big garbage bag or two for a poncho or an emergency shelter. They really work.

Look for more seasonal tips in the future.

CHeck out or They are both the same site. One is shorter to type.

Be safe and prepared.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Nevada recreation, Lake Tahoe Recreation, Mountain Survival and survival inc.

Great Deals to be had in ATV rentals at Tahoe and Reno

October 31, 2009

Fall is in the mid season. The trees are turning and now is a fantastic time to rent an atv and see the mountains.

Lake Tahoe Atv Rentals is the place to contact to get special rates this time a year. The clock in turning back this weekend. Take advantabe of the slow times. We have rentals that start at $100 per day. Two can go out for four hours starting at at $175 per machine.

We provide GPS tracking, maps, helmets, googles and even coats if you forget your. Give us a call at 775 741 0735 any time. WE are here to serve you. Really, call us anytime.

Check out our other web sites at We can also arrange childcare if you so desire.

Atv Camping

September 29, 2009
Nevada Recreation ATV rental on the Rubicon

Nevada Recreation ATV rental on the Rubicon

Now is a great time to go ATV camping. Nevada Recreation and Tahoe ATV has purchased a new trailer that will allow our clients to take ATV’s on extended outings and camp out.

We provide GPS tracking devices, maps, tents, sleeping bags, and anything you may need to allow you to go out into the back country and spend a night to as long as you wish.

We have tents for one person up to 9. If you want, we can even set up the camp site for you and all you have to do is show up.

Prices start at $195 per person. Give is a call at 775 741 0735 or go to

Let us help you mount up and move out.

ATV Camping Northern Nevada/ Reno Tahoe

September 23, 2009

The fall has arrived and now is a great time to get out in the mountains. We have a special going on that includeds 2 atv’s and an atv trailer that you can pull behind your atv’s that enclose a tent, sleeping bags, survival items and anyother items you need to enjoy the out doors.

Nevada Recreation has a lot of experience it making it easy for your to enjoy the outdoors. We will provide maps, gps, compass and a tracking device so that if you get in trouble, help will be on the way.

You can explore areas like Crystal Peak, lakes around Truckee, Black Rock desert and more. If you want a guide or just someone to go with you, we can do that too at no extra cost to you.

Check out our site athttp:// or call me, Josh, at 775 741 0735 any time. Really anytime. I do search and rescue and around the cell all hour of the day or night.

We look forward to helping you explore the great outdoors in the Reno, Tahoe, Northern Nevada areas. We have trips available for you.

Give us a call. 775 741 0735.

Too Hot in the Valley? Come up for an ATV ride.

July 27, 2009

It is a great time to head up to Reno and Lake Tahoe. Many events are going on. Hot August Nights, Shakespeare at Lake Tahoe, water skiing, hiking boating. We have ATV rentals. WE can deliver this week only for no charge (up to 4 ATV) in the Reno, Lake Tahoe, Truckee areas. We have great views from all of the ATV riding areas.

Give us a call. You can travel out on your own, go where you want to go and know that if you get lost, we are just a button away. ( We have not had anyone get lost in 15 years.)

Great family adventure. We have dual rider ATVs, single rider ATVs, guided or unguided.

Want to camp out over night and keep an ATV with you? We can add to your camping adventure.

Want to explore Dog Valley and look for crystals at Crystal Mine. What a better way to do that then on an ATV.

Your adventure awaits. Give us a call at 7785 741 0735. You can check out our yearly rates at or NevadaRecreation.US. Our other site is

We have from 2 hour rides to all day and longer.

We look forward to seeing you at Lake Tahoe, Reno and Truckee area for atv rentals.

Over looking Truckee

Over looking Truckee