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Too Hot in the Valley? Come up for an ATV ride.

July 27, 2009

It is a great time to head up to Reno and Lake Tahoe. Many events are going on. Hot August Nights, Shakespeare at Lake Tahoe, water skiing, hiking boating. We have ATV rentals. WE can deliver this week only for no charge (up to 4 ATV) in the Reno, Lake Tahoe, Truckee areas. We have great views from all of the ATV riding areas.

Give us a call. You can travel out on your own, go where you want to go and know that if you get lost, we are just a button away. ( We have not had anyone get lost in 15 years.)

Great family adventure. We have dual rider ATVs, single rider ATVs, guided or unguided.

Want to camp out over night and keep an ATV with you? We can add to your camping adventure.

Want to explore Dog Valley and look for crystals at Crystal Mine. What a better way to do that then on an ATV.

Your adventure awaits. Give us a call at 7785 741 0735. You can check out our yearly rates at or NevadaRecreation.US. Our other site is

We have from 2 hour rides to all day and longer.

We look forward to seeing you at Lake Tahoe, Reno and Truckee area for atv rentals.

Over looking Truckee

Over looking Truckee


ATV rentals in Reno and Lake Tahoe

July 20, 2009

With the weather soaring, how about a nice atv ride in the Sierras. Nevada Recreation ( is here to answer your call. We have ATV’s for every one.

Parents have been renting our ATVs for years to take their children into the mountains to show them the wonders of nature.

Hiking is great but you can only go so far until the little ones have to be carried or are no longer interested.

We have two person ATVs for those riders who do not what to drive or who have not ridden.

CHeck us out and rent an ATV in the Reno and Tahoe area today. We have specials all the time.

Most of our clients comeback year after year and ride in different places. Come join us. You will be glad you did.

Dangers in ATV rental

July 6, 2009

Loaded with responsibility

When you rent an ATV, you take on a lost of liability.

You may not realize what is instore for you.

I had several ATV rentals this weekend and most were uneventful. However, on two of the rentals, one driver almost put an ATV over the edge of the road down a 400 foot cliff with out a second thought. The roads are slippery and stopping is extreemley difficult. The drive has to be always aware of the hazzards of renting and operating an ATV.

One other rental was a take away. When the ATV was returned, it was noticed that the GPS holder was broken in half. Upon questions, the driver said, ” I am not going to lie to you, I put the ATV on its side.”

The driver did not realize that once an ATV is rolled or on its side, it is going to cost money to make sure that the vehicle is ready for operation in the future. It has to be inspected to protect the safety of the next renter.

It may not seem like much but safety is a major concern with Nevada Recreation. Why do you think we have the damage deposits? Why do you think we inspect them and photograph them before they leave?

We do not make money with a machine down and we can not send a machine out knowing that it was in a compromising position. When an ATV is operated on its side, steering, suspension, wheel bearings, breaks and engine failure all must be checked. This must be done by a third party.

In short, operation of an ATV in a harsh manner, a price hast to be paid to protect the next rider. The contract you sign informs you of the price you will pay if the contract is broken by unsafe riding.

Be careful the next time you rent. You are not only responsible in returning the ATV back the way you took it but if anything dose happen, you will be paying the price to insure the safety of the next rider.