ATV Riding a Real Danger!!!

With Memorial Day Weekend here, there will be many people enjoying the back country and riding ATVs. Remember they are dangerous and not only can you injure or Kill yourself, you can injure or kill others.

When riding the trails around Tahoe, remember to be courteous to the hikers and bikers along the way. Do not forget your atv can kick up dust. Be a good neighbor. In addition, watch the trail in front. There are rocks, limbs, depressions and other obstacles that need your attention to negotiate. Pay Attention. Do not drive while intoxicated.

There are enough people trying to close these trails to ATVs.  They do not realize we were there before they were. However this does not mean too much to them. This does affect how ATVers need to behave and act in a friendly manner.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail. If you need to rent an atv try See you there.


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