Lake Tahoe / Reno ATV rentals

Nevada Recreation is an ATV rental company that has been around the Reno and Lake Tahoe area for over 15 Years.

The company grew out of casino entertainment industry and this was offerd to special guests of the casino.

To day Nevada Recreation Inc rents atvs to those people who want to try someting new with out the hassle of going in groups. They offer guided or unguided rentals at almost any location you want to go in the Reno/ Tahoe area. Travel along the backroads of Tahoe to the expansive northern areas of Washoe County. Over night trips can be made. One way travel can also be arranged.

One other recreational activity offered is recreational shooting.

Have you ever fired a machine guu. Nevada Recreation has them and othere firearms for you to try out. Give them a call or check the web site at

You will be glad you did.


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4 Responses to “Lake Tahoe / Reno ATV rentals”

  1. Stan Kest Says:

    NICE! I’m heading out to tahoe in a couple of weeks and would love to check out some atvs. I’ll be staying at a place called Pistante’s Coyote Den. Are you guys located close to that in south lake tahoe?

    • waterlok Says:

      We are out of Reno and North Lake Tahoe. We do deliver atvs all around or you can pick them up. Drop me a note if you want to rent and we can arrange it. I just rented 2 atv for some campers in North Lake Tahoe. They put 75 miles on them and had a great time.

  2. Stan Kest Says:

    next you’ll have to combine the atv and shooting. then the entertainment really begins!

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